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Monte Fino Custom Yachts

Back in 1981 I was sitting by the pool at a table at the Marina motor Inn in Fort Lauderdale with three big time brokers, myself, and the wealthy road contractor from New York State named Spartacus “Spot” Delia who had just bought a yacht from Bradford. The brokers were pontificating among themselves as to which brokerage company had more prestige-Ardell Yacht and Ship, Bradford Yacht Sales, and United Yacht Sales. Each broker was waxing eloquently about what made their company better than all the other competitors out there. Finally, the client just couldn’t stand it anymore, and almost screamed at us, “can I tell you guys something? People are looking for boats; they’re not looking for brokers!” That hasn’t changed a bit and the length of time on any website in any particular page confirms it. The faster they can get what they want the better chance you have may be getting a contact. Maybe a simple statement – HELPING YACHT OWNERS SINCE 1957, and even that may be bad – anything old is considered bad. Maybe ‘FOUNDED LAST WEEK, THE INK IS STILL WET’ would work better in today’s world.

Michael Joyce - Chairman / CEO

Michael Joyce – Chairman / CEO

Monte Fino Custom Yachts
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